We are the content samurais

content writing

Content Writing

Content writing is where it all begins. This is where we get down and dirty in the mud
and where we plant the seeds of thought. Words can influence, engage, and convert,
and that’s what our content writers do. Whether you want to be seen as a respected
thought-leader or as a dynamic business partner we help you convey that through
our words.

content writing

Content Editing

It’s common for content writing and editing to be clubbed into one category. Truth is,
they are two very different functions. A content editor is like a make-up artist. We put the final touches, straighten out the kinks, and assess what needs to be added or deleted to make the face of your business look good.

content consulting

Content Consulting

Content is an asset for your business. It is one of the most important ways in which
you make promises to your customers. And keep them. When you consult with us we
help you show that you have delivered those promises.

Curating Content

At Life Wordsmith, not a day goes by without us meddling with words. We obsess over the last draft and dream up words in the night. We think we are slightly mad. But you would rather have us mad than your clients mad at you, won't you?

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Supported by smart, passionate people, and with the best content at your disposal, get ready to take giant leaps and create a truly world-class business.