LW Managed Services

Don’t want a subscription but have a project? Choose LW’s Managed Services. Get a dedicated content manager and a team for your custom content project.

Unique Managed Service For Custom Content Projects

We can fulfill any custom content requirement. Just check in with us for our end-to-end project management support. Receive personalized attention. Custom content. Flawless project execution.

Content Manager

With every custom project account, you will have a Content Manager who understands your project requirements. Your Content Manager will manage all communication, handle feedback, and work with you until project closure.

Project Management

You receive complete management of your project. We choose writers based on your requirements, and our intuitive work process makes it easy and hassle-free to close the project faster.


With our managed service, you are charged for the duration of the project. There are no recurring subscription costs, and pricing is customized depending on the project size, industry, and timelines.

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