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Writing can be a lonely business. We writers love our solitude, but we can jive with some words too, right? And a cat and some amazing people? We follow a simple no-fuzz process to have writers on board. Produce great content, and we will take care of the rest.

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Do You Have What It Takes?

Our writers come from varied and diverse backgrounds. They usually like coffee and tend to wander around, looking out of the window. But most importantly, when they are working for our clients, they are fiercely focused, detailed-oriented professionals who care about their craft. To work with us, you’ll need to have:

  • Impeccable grammar
  • Great communication skills
  • Understanding of SEO and basic content marketing
  • Open to remote working (we prefer full-time freelancers)
  • A love for reading (It helps!)
  • Research-oriented approach
  • Ability to discuss books and movies with us
  • All the writing you can muster and master

Is That You ?

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The Process


We have a pretty simple application process. We like to curate our writers. Why do we do this when you have that amazing portfolio? Clients trust portfolios, and they also trust that we have a verified process to get a writer on board. All who apply don't go on to the next step.


Know your grammar? Can pen a few words? We give you a paid sample assignment. Clear that, give us your details, and you are in!


Once you are through, sit back, as we choose projects that work best with your skills and expertise.

What You Get

We don’t pay our writers anything in paisa. Nada. We compensate you fairly for the value you bring. Our rates range from Rs 2 and upward.

You work with a great team and some fantastic clients, especially in the startup industry.

You receive exposure to different niches and industries.

We are very prompt with our payments. (We clear all invoices within 9 days or faster)

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I love writing for LW. They have given me some interesting projects, and the payment has always been on time!

~ TASHEFA (Writer from 2021 with LW)

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